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LATAM is full of great projects and ideas that vanish because of a lack of specialized consulting. This is why Latus strives to impulse projects in our region through quality consulting that lets them optimize their business models. 

  • Our purpose

We are a specialized, disruptive consulting firm. We exist because we believe enterprises can generate value and well-being as part of a productive society. We seek to share valuable and necessary information so that they can contribute to society.

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  • Momentum

Companies may go astray not only in times of crisis but also during the daily hustle and bustle. No matter the moment they’re going through, Latus provides them with momentum, drive, and force. This is because the essence of a company resides in its constant growth and evolution. 

  • We detect potential

We believe that the most ambitious dreams can be materialized through the right action plans. Our purpose is to detect potential and help its realization because when a company grows, so does its societal impact. 

  • Methodology

Our processes are responsive and adaptable. We choose the tools that fit each company, industry, and context. The aim of good consulting is to identify potential opportunities and establish the steps that companies should take in the short, medium, and long term. 

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Our Process

  • Understanding

We start our work by diving into our client’s context, getting to know the team, and conducting extensive research on every detail of their business and operation model. That’s the first step of a successful consulting process: it is not based on knowing everything beforehand but on understanding what our clients do, how they do it, and why they do it. In a nutshell, we understand companies and their stakeholders.

  • Taking action

We guide companies and provide the team with the tools they need to generate a more significant impact: market research, Unit Economics analysis, cash flow strategies, structuring of products, and creation of financial models. This lets us know where the company stands and develop a critical action plan.

Our Path

Since we started Latus, we’ve focused on attending companies with potential. In each one, we acknowledge the possibility of transforming its social, cultural, and environmental context. We deal with innovative companies that evolve into motors of change.

We stand out because, in every project, we strive to reach a deep understanding that lets us develop a strategy that genuinely answers the challenges faced by each company. This process constitutes a virtuous circle that strengthens our team with new knowledge.

Business Units


Our specialized consulting depends on the company’s size, trade, and vision and focuses on developing optimization strategies and maximizing resources. We deepen into management and business models. Depending on the needs we identify, the result can lead to the creation of investment vehicles, funding strategies, and debt structuration.

Real Estate

We structure real estate projects, including commercial, housing, and hospitality developments. Besides working on the business model and understanding each project’s profitability, we follow the developmental and building phases from our position as financial controllers. In this way, we aim to maximize the profitability of every project through adequate financial products and support during the funding process. controllers financieros. De esta manera, buscamos maximizar la rentabilidad de cada proyecto a través de productos financieros adecuados y apoyo en el proceso de fondeo. 

Asset Management

We guide families that acquired quality assets after years of hard work. Through supervision, analysis, and multiple diversifying strategies, we seek to preserve and enhance their profitability within the suitable risk parameters. This ensures the future for every generation.


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